Excellent interactive course, pitched at a great level so that everyone could contribute. Gerald Kelly | Sony Global Technology | Effective Stock Control

Effective Stock Control


Course Overview

Basic Prerequisites : Security, Accurate Stock Records and Effective Stock Control

Financial Considerations : Impact of Good Stock Control, Cash Flow, KPI's, Stock Turn

Stockholding Costs : Evaluating, Controlling and Reducing

When to Order : Re-Order Levels, Safety Stock

How Much To Order : Economic Order Quantity, EOQ Formula

Forecasting Future Demands : Variations and Ratios, Exponential Smoothing

Stock Control Systems : Quantity & Time Systems, MRP, Min-Max


Stocktaking : Methods and Choices

Surplus, Obsolete and Redundant Stocks : Dealing with 'SLOB' stocks

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CPD Certified Training Course
CPD Certified Course

A two day course

Intended for personnel concerned with the control of stocks in retail, manufacturing, distribution or service environments. Material planners, analysts, buyers, production controllers, stores and warehouse personnel and manufacturing managers, will all benefit from the content of this course.

Some experience within the stock control function is desirable but not essential.


To demonstrate the importance of effective stock control to any business and its influence on service levels, working capital, cash flow, liquidity, efficiency, and profitability. To examine in depth the theories behind the wide range of stock control techniques available and their practical application in the workplace.

To provide a better understanding and appreciation of stock control computer systems (MRP/ERP) and the way in which data is processed. Equally provide an insight into how stock control formulae work and the benefits of adjusting them to suit your organisation. Attendees will be provided with an MS Excel spreadsheet containing the formulas, calculations and worked examples upon completion of the course. Expertise in Excel is not necessary.

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