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PMS International Procurement course gains CPD accreditation

We are delighted to announce that our International Procurement training course has gained 'CPD' accreditation.  

Accreditation by the CPD (Continual Professional Development) organisation means the course has been independently scrutinised by a recognised professional body to ensure integrity and quality and that the course content has met the required CPD standards and benchmarks.

CPD accreditation also means that the time spent on the course entitles the attendees to a CPD certificate that formally recognises the training as a contribution to the invidual's professional development.   

For further information about the International Procurement course see

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PMS International Procurement course gains CPD accreditation


Get better deals, improve service and manage risk. Our courses in such key areas negotiation, contract law, overseas procurement, capital equipment purchasing and expediting will equip supply chain professionals with the essentials skills and knowledge to make an immediate impact.

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Stores & Warehouse

Stores & Warehouse

For most organisations the stores/warehouse is a major investment of physical and financial resources. Our courses will provide the necessary understanding, appreciation and motivation for stores and warehouse personnel to better manage this critical area of business operations.

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Stock Control

Stock Control

Improved control of stock offers the opportunity for organisations to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce inventory costs. Our specialist stock control course gets to the core of inventory management providing supply chain personnel with techniques and formulas to enable them to produce results in their workplace.

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